During your weight/fat loss journey, you may get tired of eating the same health…

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During your weight/fat loss journey, you may get tired of eating the same healthy foods and want to enhance the flavour. But its important to know how to add flavour without adding hundreds of calories.

Some foods that are healthy on their own can become loaded with calories, sugar, and sodium if we flavour them with butter, creamy sauces, dips or marinades such as BBQ sauce or hoisin sauce.

For example, adding just four tablespoons of store bought BBQ sauce to a boneless skinless chicken breast or a piece of tofu, can add as much as 140 calories, 600mg of salt, and 30 grams of sugar!

The good news: There are plenty of ways to please your taste buds without adding a calorie bomb to your dish. Here is a list of some of our favourites!

🍊🍋 Citrus juices (5 calories for 2 tbsp)
🔥 Hot sauce (0 calories)
🌿 Herbs and spices (1 calorie for 2 tbsp)
🧄 Garlic, ginger or turmeric (2-8 calories per tsp)
🥣 Vegetable or chicken broth (10 calories per cup)
🍶 Vinegars (0-15 calories per tbsp)
🤤 Cinnamon (6 calories per tsp)
🍫 Cocoa powder (10 calories per tbsp)
🥒 Cucumber slices (40 calories for a whole cucumber)
☕️ Coffee (5 cals per cup)
🍶 Soy sauce (10 calories per tbsp)
🍯 Low sugar maple syrup (0-10 calories per tbsp)
🍶 Mustard (3 calories per tsp)
🍦 Vanilla extract (12 calories per tsp)
🥥 Extracts – coconut, banana, caramel, maple etc (0 calories)
🥣 Brown sugar swerve (0 calories)
🥣 Stevia (0 calories)
🧀 Nutritional yeast (50 calories for 2 tbsp)
🌶 Hot peppers (10 calories per 1/4 cup)
🥒 Pickles (3-5 calories per pickle)
💃🏼 Salsa (10 calories per tbsp)
🍅 Pico De Gallo (10 calories per 2 tbsp)
🍦 0% Greek yogurt (80 calories per 3/4 cup)
💪🏻 magnumsupps protein powder (130 calories for a whole scoop)
🍦 Coconut whipped cream (25 calories for 4 tbsp)

These little tips can help you add more flavor to a dish without requiring more oil, sugar, or excess salt. I hope this gives you new ideas to spice up your next meal!

What are your favourite ways to add flavour without extra calories?

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